Sunset Recycle & Sales processed and diverted in excess of 100,000 MT’s of material last year from local landfills.

Sunset Recycle & Sales is a solutions provider. We will help to assist our customers both new & old to meet or exceed their expectations and commitments to the environment.

Sunset Recycle & Sales is taking further steps to enhance our commitment to the environment by introducing new technology, processing equipment and markets to the business.

Sunset Recycle & Sales Ltd. is a 100% locally owned Aboriginal Business with an exceptional safety record. We are embedded within the heart of the Oil sands and are Northern Alberta’s largest recycler.

 We are committed to providing services for the residents, organizations, businesses, and facilities within the community of RMWB.

Sunset Recycle & Sales has taken the initiative to open new markets and recycling avenues. We will work on growing these markets for the betterment of our environment. 

We are taking further steps to enhance our commitment to our environment and have introduced new processing equipment, technology and markets to the business. 

Our commitment is to work alongside and service our customers by providing them with innovative and emerging recycling solutions in a safe professional manner, and we will continue to take that extra step to minimize our footprints in the sand.

Sunset Recycle & Sales has a complete line of equipment,and permanent processing facilities located near Fort McMurray to assist you with all your recycling needs.We will work collectively to set new standards, develop new programs, and offer economically viable solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle all materials.